Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Step of Faith

  I have been given a gift, and it is TIME.   I am thanking God for this gift of time. One of my greatest faults is lack of planning. So, I never know where to go. I tend to put things off for fear that I might make a mistake.You have heard the saying that a journey begins with a first step, so, with fear and trembling, I give my fear to the Lord, and I take that step, knowing that because I am praying and reading the Bible, my path is illuminated. He promises to light my path.As I walk and talk with the Lord, I need not fear. He is with me.  I mustn't take my eyes off Jesus, for I might miss the bridges He has provided for me to cross.I
When I have been given TIME, I sometimes waste it because I do not know what to do. Then, I get depressed and feel horrible about myself. Today, I decided to go around my house and quote Scripture. I thanked the Lord that He was with me and that He truly loved me.
 Every time I doubted, I repeated my praise and thanks to the Lord, for being with me and for having a plan for me.Sometimes I think the Lord wants me to just wait and listen for His still small voice. He also wants me to trust Him, and after prayer, get busy, and get going on the path that He has set before me, so...Off I go, in faith, that this is a special time. I have been given the gift of TIME. I am so blessed. In future posts I am going to record my journey through planning. I am not a good planner, but Jesus is. I am going to ask Him for His help. I will share what I learn with you.  I am hopeful that the Lord can change me for His Glory.
                                 Psalm 119:105
"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."

Blessings, Kathi


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