Sunday, February 14, 2016

I Needed Help. The Local Butcher Came to My Rescue

This is our Tom Turkey. We had no idea he had gotten so big. We butchered him about three weeks ago. I knew I was in trouble when I saw how big he was even without feathers and the fact that I had to heave when lifting him.
I had to pluck him and clean him. He was so big I could not do this properly until I had him cut in half by my beef butcher, Farmer's Helper, which they did free of charge!!! This is something I am thankful for.
The beef butcher, Farmer's Helper, cut the turkey in half so that I could handle him properly and then...
cook him one piece at a time rather than as a whole. I weighed this turkey and it was 41lbs. I knew from experience that I've achieved the best results with a turkey weighing 12 to 18 lbs.
Look how big the two halves are next to my standard turkey pan. Each half weighs 20.5 pounds. I can't say enough thank you's to Farmer's Helper of Harrisburg, Oregon.

I packed each half in plastic and in foil for the freezer. I am very thankful for this meat and will gladly serve it to my family. I have learned a few things, however, and one being to butcher my turkeys at about 16 weeks rather than as long as we waited, which was too long. I'm thankful for so many things. I thank God for my family and friends. I thank God for good food to eat and water to drink. I'm thankful for our home and that we can freely tell others about Christ. I'm thankful for my Bible. I hope and pray you all have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. Love, Kathi

                According to 1 Kings 4:23
"...and fatted fowl." were included into King Solomon's diet.

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