Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2009

Lots of driving.
We stopped to look at nature for awhile and to stretch our legs. Garrett found a pinecone.
Victoria and Garrett got very close to this deer.
We had been wanting to celebrate my husband's birthday and decided to take his gifts with us. So the first night we celebrated along the way. He was excited to get a John Cougar Mellencamp cd.
These hungry travellers are headed for the lobby. There will be free food there.
Here is our hotel lobby.
The food was just right.
We had fried chicken, cheeses, crackers and fruit.
Then out to the pool. Harrison liked watching the steam come off his skin.
We had a great time. The spa was just what my back needed.
Breakfast came with the hotel also. I love it when breakfast is included.Jessica and Garrett in the pool for an early morning swim. It was about 55 degrees, but they didn't care.
Thanksgiving morning. It's almost time to head over to our family's home, where Garrett will get to see his cousin.
Victoria and Jessica with their cousin Selkie.
They have a sweet llttle spot on their balcony.
Pretty wreath on their front door.
I like their simple elegant style. This is the kitchen.
Stacey peels potatoes.
Me helping to make the dinner.
Kara with her brother Stacey.Harrison and Aunt Kara doing the dishes. We had a wonderful time together.
This is their back yard. Very pretty.
Now it's off to San Francisco. I didn't include pictures of my brother Wade or our brother in law Tim, because I didn't get permission. I like to do that whenever possible.
There were so many tempting things to look at.
Harrison and Garrett got matching sunglasses.
Selkie wanted a bracelet.
Selkie found a store she likesShe would love to get one, but we just had burgers and chocolate. One dozen cupcakes cost $36.
Jessica in the chocolate store.Harrison and Selkie at the Harley Davidson shop.
Some of the streets were quite steep.
Look at this dog with a cat on its back and a white rat on the cat's back. I couldn't believe it. I snapped this shot as quickly as I could.
I'd love to just make one of these wreathes; price for this one about $200. I think I could make it for around $12.Fun tea shop.
I love to look inside these kinds of shops.Someday Victoria would like to get one of these; either the bug style or the van.
There was a lot to see, but it is now time to head back to the car. Thanks for coming along with us. "For you are all children of God by faith in Christ Jesus." Galatians 3:26

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