Thursday, October 13, 2011

Giggling Girls In the Pew

I remember my first Zotz candy like it was yesterday. My two sisters and I were sitting on the pew in church next to three other sisters... trying to be good. When you are a kid in church it's so fun to sit with your friends. We tried to listen, but after awhile we'd get the giggles. One time my friend Kristy told me to try this new candy. She knew. She knew that I had know idea what they were. Remember, I'm sitting on the pew in church. I'm supposed to be  a good little girl; still and listening.
Pretty soon Kristi and her two sisters' shoulders were shaking trying to hold back their snickering. Kristi got to chuckling so hard, I couldn't figure her out. I was only sucking on an ordinary piece of candy, so I thought...  I became alarmed when all three of them were almost crying with laughter while they watched me. The candy was okay, but nothing special...  All of a sudden though, I felt and tasted that bitter fizzy stuff, and felt like my mouth was in the gas chamber. I had no where to run or spit. I felt helpless as I squirmed in my seat. For a second, I thought I was going to die. Kristy and her sisters all got the giggles so hard people began turning around and they were watching me. My two sisters didn't know what to think, and gave me those glares that only sisters can give, to let me know that they were telling. I finally swallowed the thing, and asked Kristy what it was, and she innocently said, "It's a Zotz. They're new. Want another?" I said, "No thank you." The one she gave me was yellow, and I shall never forget. I still buy them now and then and eat them with my kids. Now I'm the one giggling as I remember that day and sneaky little Kristy.  So, what was your first Zotz Candy experience like? What color was it? Have a pleasant Friday, Kathi

"Sarah said, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.” Genesis 21:6


Anonymous said...

Sorry. I have no memory of this but I admit that I probably did it to you exactly as you described.(not very nice) Hope you will accept my apology being about 45 years late. I did not realize what a brat I have been.- :( sneaky Kristi

Anonymous said...

It's okay Kristi. I forgive you. I'm at least 47 years late in truly forgiving and letting go. I was Laura Ingles and you were Nellie Oleson. Nellie turned out nice and so did you.
Love, Kathi


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