Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blueberries and Cookie Sheets

I'm writing this post to defend my dear sister Sharon and myself, and our cookie sheets. Not that we need defending, but I want to anyway. Someone criticized our old cookie sheets and called them disgusting. Well, please look at them for yourself in this picture below:
    This is supposed to be a post about freezing blueberries, so just stay with me for a second. I realize how yucky my cookie sheets look, but I  am thinking, well, this is the real me. These really are the cookie sheets I use regularly. Why should I buy brand new ones for my blog? Seriously, if I thought I must have shiny sparkling cookie sheets, than I would have to buy new ones every six months. I use them so often they begin to tarnish right away, yet they work just fine. I do try to be frugal and I would like to be honest as much as I can be with my photos. I am defending myself and my lil' sister Sharon, when I say this. Okay, back to the blueberries:
   I went to two of the cutest places to buy my blueberries. I wish I had pictures for you. The first one priced them at $30.00 a flat ~ way too much for my budget. The second one had them on sale for $19.00 a flat. I was so thankful.
I love to freeze them. I learned that after washing and patting them dry, you should place them on cookie sheets like this.

Put them in your freezer over night like this and take them out and bag them up like
this in the morning. Keep the labeled bags in the freezer. They are perfect all winter. My blueberry bushes have blight and are not thriving. I am hoping that a spray with copper in it will change that.
If you have a tendency to judge, please understand why they look this way and that I'm really being smart with the money I have. I'm very thankful I own these.Here is a batch of cookies I made yesterday. Yes, on those same tarnished cookie sheets. I will admit that the cookies do not slide right off, but with a little help from a pancake turner they do come off somewhat easily. This is just one of those ordinary things that I use in my home. There is logic and frugality going on here, not something that is disgusting.These cookie sheets are being used often.
Bless you all, and have a lovely day. Kathi
 "Can the fig tree, my brethren, bear olive berries? either a vine, figs? so can no fountain both yield salt water and fresh." James 3:12

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