Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Julie & Julia Party At My House

I wanted to get to know my neighbor Mariann. I decided to invite her and her two daughters over for a party, which I called "A Julie and Julia Party." Mariann's two daughters had not seen the film yet, so it was especially enjoyable for me arranging this. The plan was to cook a meal together using Julia Child cookbooks and then watch the movie together. Sounds like fun huh? We had a festive evening.
My daughter Victoria, skillfully made the brochette, however, she did slice her finger in the process.
We toasted with our sparkling cider before we began.
We used her old and new cookbooks.

Since I have eggplant growing in my garden, we decided to try something new and different. I believe in experimenting. So Mariann's daughter, Charlee, took on this recipe.
Our eggplant was tiny, but Charlee did a first-class job.
Charlee is at our house spending the night nearly every week this summer. We love having her, so it is especially nice to include her mom and sister here tonight, getting acquainted with them.
We really had marvelous time together. I love doing things with my two daughters, Victoria and Jessica.
Mariann and Lindsey made the fried zucchini using the Cuisinart.
Mariann and her two daughters, Lindsey and Charlee are so cute together.
"Bon appetite."
Fried zucchini looks good and tastes great.
It was such a pleasant evening, we ate outside.
Yum! Oh, I made a simple chicken pasta for the main course, seen in the background.
Jessica made the chocolate cake for dessert. It was heavenly.
I feel like I'm beginning to know my new friend Mariann much better. We enjoyed the cooking, eating and watching the film so much, we think we will do this monthly. We have rules: The movie must be upbeat and happy! We also will incorporate a theme around cooking with each one. They have not seen "Ma Ma Mia." Mmmm, maybe we'll do that one and make Greek food. The possibilities are endless. I know I am not the only one who's thought up this idea for a party, but if you yourself have not thought of this or considered doing it, I'd like to encourage you to. It's an enjoyable way to get to know someone better.

"...and on the fourteenth they rested and made it a day of feasting and joy." Esther 9:17b


Julieann said...

Kathi, I really enjoyed this post. This was a really great idea for a get together:) I will have to try something like this. I have not seen Julie and Julia yet either. Kevin rented it for me once, and I never found the time to watch it....

I enjoyed all the pictures, and all the food looked soooooo good!


Shelley said...

What a great idea.


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