Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sheri and Nathan's Story of the Loss of Their Two Boys

This happy lady is our a dear classmate from high school, Sheri R. She and her husband Nathan have a story that must to be told. So please take a moment and listen to their story of love and sorrow.
This is Nathan and Sheri, who in spite of great sorrow have so much joy and peace in their lives. These are Sheri's own words: "Most of the time I do feel so very blessed that God chose Nathan and I to bear our boys even if only for a minute and trust in Him enough to give them back."
I'm amazed at their love for God and their faith in him even though they tragically lost both their sons at different times.
This is pretty Sheri showing the hope she has in her heart that some day she will be reunited with her two boys some day in Heaven. Sheri's own words, "How blessed am I?, people ask....VERY!! They are both with Jesus and watching over us and waiting to meet us in the sky! I don't have a death wish either but I can hardly wait to be with them again and to be with My Father and My Savior."
Here's how the story began. Sheri and Nathan were in love and got married. Sheri beaming on her wedding day with four of my classmates, Tammi R., Brenda B., Carla W. and Sandy W.
What a beautiful bride and handsome husband, looking forward to their happy life together.
Soon this beautiful baby boy, Matthew, was born to them in 1980. What a darling little boy holding his puppy.
His smile is contagious. I wish I could have known this little fella.
He was a precious little boy.
Then another darling little guy was born named Nick. Sheri looks so happy holding him.
Grandpa is holding new baby nick (crying), and his lil' cousin and sweet big brother Matthew is in front.
Sadly Matthew died of heart failure. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child. I grieve with you Sheri and Nathan, just thinking of the sadness you must have endured that day and for years to come.
This is a family picture taken after little Matthew died. In this photo Matthew has been inserted, to the original picture at the age of three. Nick who is actually younger than Matthew, was about the age of four when this photo was taken and is the striped shirt.
For many years this was Sheri and Nathan's little family of three: Nathan, Sheri and Nick.
What a cute little boy Nick was. Here he is in his stroller.
Sheri with Nick at Christmas time.
Nick with his Thunder Cats. He has Sheri's sunny smile.
Nick's 5th grade school picture.
Nick playing baseball.
This is the last photo taken of Nick before he died in a car wreck. He was 18 years old and had so many friends. Sheri said, "My boys touched so many people, especially Nick, our 18 yr old! They finally had to close down the high school the day of his memorial because there weren't any kids left to attend that day." Sheri and Nathan, we grieve with you today as this is the anniversary of Nick's death. We are so sorry for your loss of a not only one, but two dear sons, Sheri and Nathan. We will always think of you on Mother's Day and Father's Day, and know that these days are difficult for you.
We remember you and your sorrow. We also want to keep alive the memory of both your boys, Matthew and Nick.
Sheri talking to her boys and remembering that she will see them again. They are with the Lord and someday their family will be together again. We love you Sheri and Nathan. Sheri said this: "God is helping us to live with broken hearts and He knows our pain for sure, as His only begotten Son suffered through so much for us!" "Precious in the sight of the Lord, is the death of His saints." Psalm 116:15


Nicole Edwards said...

This is a wonderful thing. They are so brave to still hold there heads high! I wouldn't know how to do it. Sheri & Nathan you 2 are extremely extraordinary people!

Sheri McClatchey said...

Kathi, my sweet, beautiful and dear friend... I love you so very much! The Lord sends me love from you every single day! You are truly one of a kind honey... I admire you so much! You took some time to tell my story and in such a beautiful and loving way! Please don't ever change because I think you are perfect just the way you are! I am so blessed to have you as my BFFL... xoxo's <3

Sheri McClatchey said...

Hi Nicole, by the Grace of God we are able to hold our heads up high! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I do like to believe that the Good Lord chose us for a reason. God Bless You! xoxo's


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