Saturday, June 18, 2011

Host A Tea Party In The Garden

Dear Blogging Friends, I'm enjoying my summer so much. I'm thankful for my farm and that we've spent a lot of time outside in this lovely weather. My sister Sharon and I decided to have a tea party in my orchard and invited our daughters and her daughter in law and a few close friends. Here are pictures of that fun evening.
Sharon's beautiful Rose Chintz dishes.
My sisters Kelli and Sharon completing the final touches before guests arrive.

Me with my sweet daughters Victoria and Jessica, who both helped us greatly to decorate.
We ask each lady to wear a dress and a floppy hat if she had one and to bring a salad or dessert on her loveliest dishes.
Our sister Kelli looking so cute in her floppy hat and pretty dress.

My daughter Jessica made the little sign on this bottle.
It says, "Drink Me," as it was from Alice In Wonderland.

Sharon brought both her Blue Willow and her Rose Chintz dishes. They are gorgeous and I am so grateful to her for doing this. We took turns reading beautiful poems from this book, including those from Bryon and Keats.
We laughed when Wendy's hand went up, as if she was very into her poetry reading.
Our good friends from high school, Wanda, Wendy and Vonda.
Mary delighted us all with her Irish accent as she read an Irish poem. My sister Sharon reading her poem.
Our sister Kelli reading her poem.
Some of the ladies had fun throwing apples over to our cows.
This delighted the cow.

I saw in the movie "Emma" with Gwenyth Paltro, that the English people kept goldfish in their garden for their beauty, so I copied the idea.

Our friend from high school, Mary, and Sharon's daughter in law, Brittany, and Rachelle, Sharon's son's girlfriend.

We loved giving this tea pary and our biggest regret is that it was over so quickly. "Thank you Jesus, for this fun and good time we had together as ladies wanting to serve You and to know You better. May we have many more in the future."


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