Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Harvest Time: Canning and Back To School

Good Morning!
I love the way my pretty peach jars turned out. This is the first time they actually look pretty and are not a lot of pieced floating in a jar, but rather nicely resting on each other and filled to capacity without being crushed. It has taken me years to finally figure out how to pack the jars. Grapes growing in my garden. A little fall decorating. I love the fall colors and change of season. Garrett surprised us with losing his second front tooth. He looks so cute with them missing. Stacey smoothing out the gravel drive-way. He does this about every two months.
Me ever in the kitchen enjoying what I am doing. Tomorrow I finish more jars of salsa.
Last night I went looking for Garrett and found him playing in the dirt with his dump trucks. I love it when he plays outside in the fresh air.
Harrison's friend Logan has been staying with us for a week. He rides to school with them in the morning. He is a good boy and great friend for Harrison, something I've been praying for for a long time. Jessica wearing one of her new fall outfits. She looks so cute in her new boots.
Me with Victoria and Garrett. Trying to get the last bit of summer bike rides. If you are wondering who took the picture. As we were riding all of a sudden my husband came down the road driving his tractor. He took our picture from the tractor.
Stacey, Harrison and Logan getting in a bit of target practice.
A little bit of fun on the 4 wheeler after school.
I made these this morning before school and the kids took them in their lunch. We are so blessed to have a happy and peaceful life on our farm. I thank God for my family, our Christian home and the food we have to eat. As a mother, I have often leaned on this verse for confidence and strength in God: HE TENDS HIS FLOCK LIKE A SHEPHERD: HE GATHERS THE LAMBS IN HIS ARMS AND CARRIES THEM CLOSE TO HIS HEART; HE GENTLY LEADS THOSE (ME) WHO HAVE YOUNG."


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