Monday, August 24, 2009

Back To School Shopping

I am still catching up with posting my pictures. Here are a few from September.
Victoria and Garrett are happily waiting for me to take them shopping at the mall. Harrison promised to finish painting the steps before we went back to school shopping. He did a great job. Okay, we are on the road. It's time for back to school shopping. I love this time with all of my kids. We usually drive to a large mall and spend the whole day looking for sales and bargains.
Ross Dress For Less is a must. We always find great deals here. Kids at the toy store. We stopped here to see about Garrett's birthday likes and dislikes. The kids watched him has he joyfully scanned the shelves and aisles.
All done shopping. We got plenty of bargains and deals, so I am happy. Now it's time for some ice cream. Even I was persuaded to have some ice cream. Victoria and Jessica enjoying their ice cream (Harrison took the photos, not me). One last stop to get things for our fire pit tonight. When I got back to the car I saw Harrison and Garrett doing this. They crack me up. When we got home we sat around our campfire and had smores. Victoria's boyfriend Gabe was able to come over for awhile. Victoria's boyfriend, Gabe got to come over for our firepit.
Garrett gets too hot and takes his shirt off against Mom's suggestion not to. Garrett then gets cold and huddles under the blanket. He sure loves his daddy. I love my family and I'm so thankful for the fun times we share together. Have a lovely day dear blogging friends.
"God is our Refuge and Strength [mighty and impenetrable to temptation], a very present and well-proved help in trouble."
Psalm 46: 1

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summertime Fun

Dear Blogging Friends. I have many photos and activities to share with you, but my up loader will not allow me to post any pictures today. I began creating this post last week and all was fine, but not today. So, Here are five photos to shar with you of things we've been doing. Here I am with my daughter Jessica and son Garrett picking some of our berries. We have raspberries, blueberries and Marion berries, and of course wild black berries are surrounding our fields.
We butchered five of our dear cows and sold meat to many friends and family. The meat tastes great because the cows eat tender grass, get plenty of exercise, no hormones or antibiotics, and live a very happy contented life. I delivered many half and quarter of beef to customers. One of which was a fellow blogging buddy Tiffany at But I Had A Tiara. I loved meeting her, but wish we could have visited longer.
My husband and daughter Victoria at a beautiful outdoor wedding we attended. Victoria was paid to serve at the wedding and she did an excellent job. We were proud of her.
Stacey and me enjoying the reception after the wedding.
It doesn't take much to make Victoria happy. The grin on her face shows she is thrilled that I bought Coke.
Victoria invited friends over for her 16th birthday. The girls stayed up late doing their nails, watching movies and eating lots of junk food. In the morning I found this note in my messy kitchen. It says, "Don't Touch A Thing Mom. We will clean It!"
Here is what it looked like. I'm so thankful they had a good time and so blessed for daughters who are conscious and aware of others and know when they ought to clean up after themselves. They did get up and clean the kitchen for me. I hope I can get my up loader to work so that I may post more photos of our happenings this summer. Bless you all and have a great week. "More of Jesus; less of me. By His power I will be like a flower in the spring; brand new life in everything...Oh I want to be more like Jesus; less of me.." --Mylon LeFevre


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