Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Family Fun In The Winter

Hi Dad and Mom, We've had a busy couple of weeks. Here are a few photos showing what we've been up to The river was covering the steps leading down to it after all that rain we had.
Lately Jessica and Garrett have been busy making cards.
I am very impressed with them. The other day Victoria needed a card for a gift she was giving. She asked if she could use one of these. After signing it, I said, "Do you like that card?" She said, "Yes, it's nice." Then I told her her sister had made it. She couldn't believe it.
Stacey made breakfast for all of us last Saturday. We had our friends staying with us from New Mexico.
Walt and Cathie have been our friends for about 20 years. We really enjoy having them stay with us when they travel through.
Victoria had a free period along with her lunch time. I picked her up at school and took her to Burger King. We got cups with ice and poured our own Pepsi from the can into them.
We had fun taking pictures with our Burger King crowns.
Next we shopped for track shoes. We ended up getting a regular cross trainer for running with Stacey after school. Victoria decided to take guitar lessons one night a week rather than go out for track five and have practice times a week.. Garrett had a friend over for the afternoon. I played "Operation" with them. We had a great time.
In other news, I planted my tomatoes and peppers. I might be two weeks late in doing this, but I think it will be fine. I used an egg carton and some dirt from the garden. I keep them inside at a sunny window. I spray them with water to keep them moist. I will plant them in the garden AFTER Memorial Day.
We certainly enjoyed your visit with us Dad a few weeks ago.
I picked Jessica up from school and did something similar. She had her orthodontist appointment so we decided to get some really good ice cream afterwards.
Sometimes her teeth hurt after her braces are tightened, so ice-cream helps. I love spending time like this with our kids.
It finally quit raining so Garrett and I decided to take a bike ride after school.
We enjoy this time together.
The pond was pretty full from all the rain we've been having. We rode about two miles. I was out of breath, but it felt good exercise. Harrison went riding dirt bikes with some friends for the afternoon.
Harrison came home looking like this. He and his dirt bike were covered in mud. Just look at the caked on mud. He learned how to use the washing machine, especially the rinse cycle first, then a regular wash with detergent. It's good for a boy to learn these things.
Victoria wanted to make a pillow case for her friend's birthday, so I showed her how.
It's simple. You use one yard of flannel fabric. After shrinking the fabric, we sewed two sides and left an opening for the pillow. We made a three inch hem.
She is happy with the results. It's a Coke pattern. Her friend Abby loved it.
Stacey has been feeding the cows grain. It makes the meat taste more to our liking.
We have three Black Angus cows, which we will butcher in May.
Stacey and Harrison played football several sunny afternoons.
I actually made a home-made pizza crust and added all the toppings. The family loved it.
I am adding this photo late. I took it in November. Garrett got to take "Betty the Beaver" home for the week-end.
She had hot cocoa with him and she went to church with us. Garrett wrote about his experiences with her in the class diary and included the above photos.

Victoria and I made tacos for dinner together. I love doing this. we turn up her music pretty loud and sing along. "Keep me safe, O God, for in You I take refuge. I said to the LORD, 'You are my Lord; apart from You I have no good thing." Psalm 16:1-2


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