Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Making Home Improvements

First in my news, sadly, I got a ticket today!!! I'm not used to driving in the big city and the sign was very confusing. I went straight when I was supposed to turn. I'm sooooooo baaaaaaaad. I feel terrible. Can anyone relate?
I had to rush this casserole along because our neighbors wanted us to stop in and see their new tile work in the bathroom.
It was a typical ground beef casserole, potatoes and cream of mushroom sauce; easy easy. Anyway I wanted to get over there to their home and see the new hearth and wood stove in their kitchen too.
Here is Nichole's handy work. She cut and placed all these bricks herself. I love her cute stove.
This is her bathroom ceiling. Cool!
She found these rocks while working in the woods. She works with loggers in the woods. Her shower is gorgeous.
Next we had a visit from our Mennonite neighbors on their horses.
They have pretty horses and we enjoy having them ride over once in awhile.
Last Friday night we went to my nephew Grayson's football game.
My sister and Grayson's girl friend Rachell were trying to stay dry. Hayden and his friends were the ball boys. Hayden is on the left.
We had a good time. Sadly though, they lost. They tried so hard though and we are proud of them.
Our daughter Jessica, their cousin Grayson, and our daughter, Victoria after the game.
I failed to get a photo of Harrison and his cousins after the game, but we went out for a bite after the game so I snapped a shot of him. In other news, we got rain this week, so Garrett got to wear his new rain coat, (thank you Janet, for the hand me down).
My husband Stacey, our son Garrett, and friend Dave all paint the family room with primer.

In other news, this powder blue tub and toilet are no longer members of this family. We have antique (looking) white porcelain facilities on the way, to replace the 1960's powder blue. Please don't say, "Oh, but they are vintage!" Believe me, they have the stains and rust to prove they are vintage!!! This is all the news for now. Hugs, and sorries to those I have not visited lately.

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