Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Canning Salsa With Grace Kelly

Hi Dad and Mom. Today I will be making salsa. Can you guess...
These stocking feet... Have to do with this salsa ready for simmering? Well a lot. It seems that when I am wearing flats or stocking feet all day while standing my back begins to hurt. I also notice how tired I become at the end of the day after all that chopping.

Day one; dealing with tomatoes. I blanch them to remove the skins, then chop them. Always wear gloves when handling hot peppers.
Day two; the peppers and onions. I chop faster if I am standing. My solution? Clogs! The Scandinavians and the Dutch got it right. I wore these the second day. My back did not hurt and I was not tired by the end of the day. More energy! My daughters would've said, "Mom, you're not supposed to wear that kind of shoe with "skinny jeans." Well, I won't tell if you won't. Let's face it, there is nothing glamorous about making salsa. there is just nothing glamorous about chopping and blanching all day to make that wonderful salsa. We must find our glamour someplace else. So... We did. Grace Kelly is the glamour in this day. "Rear Window," has tons of glamour, suspense, romance.. .you name it, it's all there. Her clothes, taffeta, silk, and crepe are all divine. She has such style and grace in her walk and talk. Her jewelry is tastefully worn. Each outfit complete.
I got so caught up in the movie, when my husband came in the room I turned to him, very seriously and said,"We think Thorwall's guilty." This brought an all knowing chuckle to my fun loving husband. My time making salsa became an event. Cilantro is a must for good salsa.
So all that time and chopping are now on the shelf waiting for winter. Yum! If I have not been to your blog dear ladies, it's because of all this chopping. My feet are saoking and soon shall be elevated. I shall visit you soon. Hugs, Kathi "Go to the ant...it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest." Proverbs 6:6

Friday, September 12, 2008

Antique Bell

My husband Stacey found this antique bell at the Lafayette School House: Oregon's largest (so they say) antique display. We assumed it had been a church or school bell.We found the perfect place to put it. My husband had the post hole dug and in the ground with cement in 20 minutes. He amazes me.I was cutting up pears to can, and looked up from my work and saw that he was nearly finished putting it up.
It is a darling bell. I love the way it sounds when it rings. To me it sounds like it may have been on a fire engine. It does not seem large enough to have been on top of a church or school. My husband does things the way my dad would do them. I love the way the pull rope comes down and is attached to this wood hook. The rope is wound around this wood handle made from a tree limb. It is fun to hear the bell ringing. It's a great way to call everyone in for lunch, rather than honking the truck horn like I usually do. My dad came over for a visit and we think he may have solved the mystery for us. He thinks it came off an old locomotive. Trains had both bells and whistles in the old days.
We had such a wonderful time talking with Dad and really enjoyed having him out here with us. Love ya Dad. Thanks for helping us figure out where this bell may have come from. 

"A day of the Lord is coming..." Zech. 14:1 "On that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives..." Zech. 14:4 "On that day HOLY IS THE LORD will be inscribed on the bells of the horses." Zech. 14:20

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Last Fun Days of Summer

Our daughters Victoria and Jessica checking out the shades at Claire's
My pretty Hydrangea
Our son Garrett enjoying our creek.
Stacey and Garrett cutting the field.
Apples from our trees. Our daughter Victoria picking beans.
Our daughter Jessica cutting beans. Jessica and me at the mall. "That wasn't funny, Jessica."
We simply had to stop for lunch while doing some school clothes shopping.
Victoria, Oh how fun!
Jessica had fun trying on the glamour dresses.
How pretty!
I surprised the girls and told them we were going to see "Mama Mia!" They were excited and they loved it. We laughed cause the whole theater was packed with women.
We made another stop after the movie to buy the Abba CD. We listened to it on the way home. Victoria said something a mother always wants to hear. She said, "I am going to remember this day all of my life. This was such a fun day with you, Mom, and the songs will make me remember it. "
Another back to school shopping day; this time with Grandma Vivian. The girls spent the night with Grandma too, and had so much fun with her. They stayed up late watching Marilyn Monroe movies. We stopped in to see my dad and mom. My husband Stacey and son Harrison wanted to power wash his back deck. Garrett, our six year old, wanted to take pictures of Grandpa's yard.
Here is his front window box. I love the colors.
My dad, and Stacey watching our son, Harrison, work.
Harrison did a good job.
Grandpa and Garrett.
Bike ride in the big city.
The family. getting ready to take off.
And, away we go.
After biking we went to a favorite pizza place in the city and ate outside."May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13


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