Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Warm Summer Days

Do I dare go to the creek with the kids? The water is freezing.
I'm not sure if I want to get wet. You might say, "She's not very brave." I am though, this is the real me; no make-up and out in the bright son squinting. Now that's brave. I'm glad I can be real and candid with you dear ladies. It's a great feeling.
That water is very very cold and these kids are pretty fiesty.
As you can see. I got pushed in. We had a battle and lots of mud slinging. It was a blast.
Here's Daddy and me at the 4th of July parade. I love small town parades.
Sharon and her son Hayden came for a couple of nights. We had so much fun. We went thrift shopping, stayed up late talking and watching movies and sat by the camp fire.
The nights were perfect for staying up late and visiting outside.
Here's Stacey, Sharon, Harrison, and Hayden by the fire.
Oh what fun at the pool. Here's Garrett enjoying himself.
We are so excited!! We found this ice-cream place near the pool. It reminds us of our old fun place called Top Burger in Camas. Here's my boy riding his bike over to the ware-house. He drives a combine 10 hours a day. He would be driving, but he got so nervous on the driving test that he did not pass. He said he knew instantly that he did the wrong thing. He gets another try on Monday. Lots of shirts and pants to iron. I usually listen to the radio while I work.
Oh my goodness those humming birds keep me busy. Once I had eight of them visiting me.
They get so mad and scold me when it gets empty.
I made jam from three flats of berries. Yum yum.
He passed the written test, and just waiting for the driving test again. Way to go Harrison.
Stacey called me from one of our favorite swimming holes. He and the kids had taken the four-wheeler down there. He wanted me to bring a pizza.
So I did. We had a lovely evening. This spot is clean and rocky rather than muddy.

It was over 90 degrees that day.
I got this done, and it's nearly filled again.
Stacey and me waiting for the fire-works to start on the 4th of July.
Dad visiting with Uncle Ernie at our family reunion.
Sharon, Karen, Kelli, Aunt Maudie, Lori and Pam at the family reunion.
Garrett helping me with the peas.
I sat on the bank and watched Garrett and his friend swim. I sliced peas.
Sharon's son Mackenzie and fiance' playing their new worship cd they just released called Voice to Spirit. We are so proud of them. Their music is unique and Brittany's voice is so pretty. Harrison and his friends spelling Y-M-C-A, and having a blast on a hot evening. Well, that's all for now. I hope you are all enjoying your summer.
"The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song." Psalm 28:7

God bless you,Kathi

Lots of Hoops to Jump Through

I'm getting my substitute teaching licence. My teaching certificate is a bit out of date, so................ I have a few hoops to jump through. There are many forms to fill out.
My hands are getting tired from the many verified documents sent in officially sealed envelopes. I had to go to the courthouse and get fingerprinted. I was so nervous I spilled my purse. I felt like a criminal. Isn't that crazy? They see such seasoned fellons, they probably assumed I had recently graduated from nursery school. I'm one of those people who thinks, 'They're all lookin' at me. I know it.'; when a crime is commited. When questioned, my face flushes, and I stutter and fumble over my words; really looking guilty. After a long day. Harrison asked me to come up to his room. He had a gift for me. He found this sweet fairy lamp and bought it for me. He said it was for making his lunch every morning and driving him to and from school all year (an hour round trip). I was thrilled. Thank you Harrison. You made my day. I love you. I know. I know.He's old enough to make his own lunches, but I homeschooled him for 10 years, and this was the first time I got to pack a lunch for him, so I did it. I actually loved it, and enjoyed putting surprises in there for him. Finally my transcripts came. I'm still waiting for my officially sealed teaching certificate to arrive. Patience is a virtue. Only a few more hoops to jump through and I'll be ready for this fall. Have a pleasant Monday. Kathi "Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways aknowledge Him, and shall direct your paths."
Have a lovely day, Kathi


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